Yana Koshkina

Yana Viktorovna Koshkina is a Russian actress, TV presenter, event host, born in St. Petersburg on April 22, 1990. As a child, she devoted a lot of time and effort to sports, mainly synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics. Yana is a master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics.

After graduating from school, Yana Koshkina entered the St. Petersburg state Academy of theater arts, where she studied in the Studio of honored artist Arvid Zeland until 2011. As a student, Yana starred in films, and after graduation went to conquer Moscow.

On the TV screen, Yana Koshkina first appeared as a schoolgirl, in the teen series "OBZH", followed by roles in popular series - "Word to a woman", "Highway patrol", "Streets of broken lights", "Interns", "Wake up together?", "Traffic Light", "Kitchen".

In 2014, Yana Koshkina was invited to the main role in the youth melodrama "Second chance". After this success followed criminal drama "Bodyguard", melodrama "Teachers", comedy "Bartender", detective "UGRO. Simple guys-5". Another stellar role turned out to be Snezhana in a comedy series “chop”.

In 2016, Yana starred with Svetlana Khodchenkova in the comedy "Classmates", then with Ivan Yankovsky in the fantasy film "the Source", in the melodrama "Poor girl" with Ekaterina Vilkova and the adventure comedy "Partner" with Sergei Garmash. Yana also appears in the film "the Doctor", where the main role was played by Gosha Kutsenko, in the Comedy "Love with restrictions", where the main character was played by Pavel Priluchny.

In 2017, the second part of the Comedy "Classmates: a New turn" is released on the screens of cinemas, and the next season of the rating series "Molodezhka. Adult life”. In the crime series "Dinosaur" Yana starred surrounded by a star cast: Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Alexander Pankratov-Black, Inna Churikova, Sergey Zhigunov, Andrei Smirnov.

In 2017, together with Pavel Priluchny, Yana Koshkina acted as a co-host of the TV show "Kings of phonogram" on TV-channel One. This is the debut of the "Antikaraoke" format in the domestic TV air, as well as the debut of the main major of the country and the main sex symbol of the first channel in the role of TV presenters! "Kings of phonogram" – is the Russian version of the world TV hit "Lip Sync Battle", the participants of which from among the celebrities play on stage musical hits... under the soundtrack! At the same time, the winner of each issue of the program determines by the dance floor with the help of a "noise meter", and the championship belt is awarded to the one whom the audience in the studio will support louder.

At the same time with the "Kings of phonogram" Yana sang the "Blind auditions" of the program "Voice". None of the jury turned, but when the performance was over, she charmed everyone, advertised "kings of phonogram", and sang a duet with Dima Bilan.

Yana Koshkina starred for a photo shoot of MAXIM magazine, which called her the Main symbol of the First TV-channel. Yana has a model appearance and spectacular, seductive forms. Growth 174 centimeters, weight 52 kg, bust – 5th size. Yana tries to devote an hour and a half to sports training every day, is fond of the direction of antigravity.

In 2018-2019, Yana continues to appear in films and TV series, such as Semyon Slepakov's "House arrest" with Pavel Derevyanko, Zhora Kryzhovnikov's Comedy "Call DiCaprio!", comedy "I lose weight" with Roman Korzinin and Sergey Shnurov, and others.

Yana Koshkina regularly takes part in popular TV shows such as "MaximMaxim", "Who wants to be a millionaire?", "Comedy Club", "Fashion Sentence", "Best of all", "Control purchase", "Once in Russia", "Heat", and other popular TV shows.

The owner of a spectacular appearance Yana Koshkina likes to be in the center of events, leads an active social life, often appears at various events. Events with Yana's participation are a fountain of positive, bright emotions and unforgettable delights.